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What is Tecnieum?

Tecnieum is Decentralized Smart Trading Bot built on Ethereum Smart Contract Network for Cryptocurrency Accumulators. We offer a Blockchain Technology Royalty for Cryptocurrency Investors by allowing our sophisticated Bot trade for its user.

How does it work?

You earn Daily Bonus Royalty by Investing as low as 0.001BTC to our our Automated trading Bot to trade with it. You can earn Between 4%-20% daily(Saturday & Sunday not Included)

Whats the Minimum and Maximum Investment in Blockchain Technology Royalty on Tecnieum?

You can Invest as low as 0.001BTC – 1BTC to our 1week Royalty plan to get 4% – 6% daily, also 1BTC – 5BTC to our 2 weeks Royalty plan to get 7% – 12% daily, Also 5BTC – 20BTC to our 1month Royalty plan to get 15% – 20% daily.
For all plan (Saturday & Sunday not Included) and Principal will be retuned.

Where do you get the funds to pay the Royalty?

We Trade with the help of our Sophisticated Trading Bot and Technical Analyst Team in order to pay the Royalty fee.

How does the Trading work?

We trade with our sophisticated Trading Bot that uses past data, Machine Learning(AI), Mathematical Algorithm and Technical Analysis to analyze and predict the Market. There are several trading bots available in the market and they vary quality and functionality. Variety of tools for analyzing stocks, user-frendliness and real-time data are all the characteristics of an excellent trading app. We trade only Ethereum Pairs.

What are the method of trading?

We use Fibonacci theorem, Bollinger Band, Exponential Moving average, Relative Stock Index etc. We use our AI to track whales. We also trade majorly on Simple Arbitrage( on different Exchange platform), trianglular Arbitrage, Rectangle Arbitrage and Kraken, a secure exchange with no hacking incidents.

Whats the percentage profit you make per Trade?

We make a Minimum of 3% per Trade and you can check our Trading result on .

What happen if you are unable to make up to the percentage amount promised on Royalty?

Sometimes we make up to 100% profit which can be used to pay for the Royalty when we couldnt make more profit that is up to the Royalty amount.

What is Technology Royalty?

Technology Royalty is a way to get paid a percentage from a new technology’s revenue.

Where does Tecnieum run?

Tecnieum Is a Blockchain based Decentralized Application that runs on Ethereum Smart Contract Network with a Contract Address: 0x93d46cb0c4980c93e227ee0e094187e9d57f49de

How secure is my Fund while investing on Tecnieum Royalty?

Your Fund is 100% Secure, as the Bot and the App runs on Blockchain which is safe. And we also use Blockchain Insurance System to mitigate Bot loss. Our weekend Profit are used for Maintenance, also the system automatically use some of the funds to pay for Insurance.

Which Currency do you use on Tecnieum?

The only currency used on Tecnieum is Bitcoin(BTC) for both the Investment and Royalty payment and not USD.

Why is Royalty not available on Weekends(Saturday and Sunday)?

The system Automatically use part of the weekend(Saturday and Sunday) profit to pay its Blockchain Insurance and we as a team also use part of it for our incentives and Maintenance of the system.

Do you have Any community i can join?

You can join Our Discord community Server

How can i Contact you?

You can contact us via email [email protected] and on our Discord channel


Welcome to Tecnieum.

Click on Sign UP to create an account. Then Login with your Username and Password to login to your dashboard. Click on Deposit, then Select a Royalty Plan and make payment to Invest in any plan then input amount in Bitcoin value and click spend to Invest, lastly click on confirm to accept.Close

Smart-Contract Address-0x93d46cb0c4980c93e227ee0e094187e9d57f49de


A Quick Introduction to Bitcoin and Trading Bots


Now that Bitcoin prices are hovering around $68,000, eager investors are going out of their way to learn about crypto trading. For beginners, understanding the crypto market and the way it behaves can be a challenge. The crypto market never shuts down; neither does it behave like the stock market. Prices here fluctuate dramatically and are characterized by extreme volatility. A newbie testing the crypto waters may find it easier to start trading through trade bots.

An Overview of the Bitcoin:

Bitcoin was the first amongst cryptos to enter the crypto space. It was launched a decade ago by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a decentralized digital payment system which you can use for facilitating payments between parties in the absence of any middlemen. Unlike fiat currencies like the Euro or USD, no government issues or controls the Bitcoin and transactions are no conducted by third parties. Bitcoin is controlled instead by a “consensus” amongst a network of people called miners who agree to the Bitcoin protocol voluntarily. Transactions made between parties are validated and approved by this group of miners before being added to a block. The entire system is headless and available worldwide making it sustainable and corruption-free.

To know why people are making a beeline for the Bitcoin, you have to see what gives this asset its value. It has features that make it a store-of-value and the overall public sentiment agrees that the Bitcoin has value. People have believed gold is an excellent store-of-value because it is durable, rare, and divisible. Similarly, Bitcoin has a finite supply; there can only be 21 million Bitcoins. Bitcoin is divisible; each unit is referred to as a Satoshi and has value. Bitcoin is durable and there is a network of independent computers which can track BTC ownership. Transferring Bitcoins anywhere in the world is easy and hassle-free; it is secure and can be done in minutes.

The only problem with crypto trading is volatility; prices swing in a matter of hours making it difficult for traders to predict correctly. Bots make the work easier for investors. As a new investor, you may not be able to spend all your waking hours glued to the computer to monitor the market. Bots are software programs designed for doing this job and executing trades on your behalf. Sometimes, exchanges are overcrowded and transactions get delayed because of slowdown. In such situations, trading bots can be a godsend.

Bots have been controversial from the start, but there are many solid reasons to use them nevertheless. They can respond much faster than humans to market changes. They ensure you never have to lose out on profitable trading opportunities. Bots can be of different types; a popular one is the arbitrage bot. It exploits price differences of an asset across different exchanges. Others may use historical data for testing strategies to give you an edge over other investors. Investors can choose to use either free trading bots or paid ones. The idea is to choose one that will suit their interests. Every bot will have individual hardware and software requirements.

While trading bots can make your task simpler, you must know how best to utilize this tool to get the maximum benefit. You cannot view it as a get-rich-quick scheme. Rather, you have to be prepared to put in a lot of effort and time to make good trades with bots, because at the end of the day, they are only as good as their creators are.